Lots of reasons Real Estate is Booming

Lots of Reasons Real Estate is Booming Income and price used to be the deciding factors of whether or not someone could afford to buy a home. Interest rates are now the driving force that is making ownership possible for many more. For example, in 2000, rates were...

Don’t Get Caught Off-Guard

There are plenty of things we all put off doing, even if they save us money, or keep us healthy. Turning back the clocks the night of November 1 st is a great reminder that it is time to pay attention to 4 of these. 1. Change the filter on your furnace. And if it has...

How Does Buying or Selling a Home Right Now Work?

Even the simple choice about whether or not to get a haircut is vexing. Should I or shouldn’t I, if I do go then where and when, and will the retailer follow the protocol guidelines? In a real estate transaction, there are even more considerations because there are...

Owning a Manufactured Home

On November 27th, the Napa Valley Register published a frontpage article captioned “Mobile home market is hot.” Since then I have had several questions about the pros and cons. Many people still have the impression that mobile homes are metal boxes on wheels. But over...
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