5 Ways To Improve Your Home Appraisal  

A common misconception is that “making friends” with the appraiser will get you a higher value.

The truth is that appraisers usually have their own sequence for viewing the property and taking measurements and that following them around like a puppy can be an irritation.  Worse than that, chatter can cause them to miss something. 

Have Your Home Seen In The Best Light


The reality is that the appraiser is at your home for less than an hour.  So help them out.

If it’s hot, turn the air conditioning on.  If it’s cold, turn the heater on.  Put the dog in a confined area.  Offer a glass of water. 

The first impression is VERY important.  Mow the lawn and trim the hedges. 

The appraiser takes a photo of the exterior of your home, so that is the first impression the underwriter will also have.  And make sure your home has a pleasant smell. 

Give them a list of all the updates you have done within the past two years, especially items that are hard to see, like electrical and plumbing. 

Include receipts if you have them.  An appraiser generally thinks in increments of $500, so include fixing faucets and other items that you might think are too small to mention. 

Clutter can make the rooms look smaller and less clean.  Remove as many items as you can from your kitchen counter, bathroom vanity, or end tables, even if you have to put them in a box in the garage for a day. 

Have a list of sales in your area, especially ones that have sold without the aid of a real estate agent.  They usually take longer to get posted.


3 Tips for A Quick Sale —
With Less Disruption to Your Family


The LONGER your home is on the market for sale,

the GREATER the invasion in your daily life


     Here are three, simple, but powerful, marketing strategies that could have a

     profound impact on reducing the stress of selling your home.  Using these

     techniques can increase your sales price and decrease the time to find a buyer.


  1. Dress Your House for Success

Now that you’ve made the decision to sell your home, you need to look at it differently. 

It is now a House For Sale.  “Staging” in most cases means removing clutter.  Taking the time to pre-pack items you don’t need every day will help buyers see their possibilities.


  1. Price Your Home Realistically

      This does not mean to go online and to see what computer models say your home is worth.

      The location and features of a home are not the only things that affect the sales price. 

      The number of buyers looking for a home changes dramatically with the weather, economy,

       interest rates, and most important…the other homes on the market at the same time.

       If the property does not appraise for the amount of the agreed upon purchase price, the buyer

       can choose to be released from the contract, wasting a lot of your time.


  1. Use A Marketing Plan That Won’t Drive You Crazy

      Most homeowners think that once a for sale sign is placed in their lawn that they are at

the mercy of the public and all real estate agents.  What most sellers fail to realize

      is that a good marketing plan will eliminate most of the unwanted intrusion.  

      The good news is that marketing can be quick, effective and offer a tremendous competitive

      advantage when executed properly.  

Get the best price for your home by getting more potential buyers

to look at your home in a shorter period of time.

This worked for your neighbor and it can work for you.


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