Why It Is Different This Time

Why It Is Different This Time The statement I hear most often now is “Looks like we are in another bubble.” Here are 4 things that were different in 2008 that make that unlikely. 1) Bad Lending Practices in the Past. In 2008 banks offered easy access to money. In many...

Homeowner Dilemmas

When Is the Best Time to Buy or Sell a House? Like everything else, there are always conversations predicting real estate values, and whether to wait or to move quickly. Here is what I have seen since I was licensed in 1980. Most of my business has been in the months...

Lots of reasons Real Estate is Booming

Lots of Reasons Real Estate is Booming Income and price used to be the deciding factors of whether or not someone could afford to buy a home. Interest rates are now the driving force that is making ownership possible for many more. For example, in 2000, rates were...
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