3 Things To Consider BEFORE You Put A Sign In Your Lawn To Sell Your House

  • Is My House Ready To Be Shown To Potential Buyers?
  • What Price Should I Ask?
  • What Inspections Do I Have To Get And When?

Eliminate Unqualified Buyers and Cancelled Escrows

  • How Do I Know If A Buyer Is Qualified?
  • What Is A FICO Score?
  • What is Due Diligence?



Not Knowing The Disclosure Laws Doew Not Make You Exepmt From Them!

  • What Is A Natural Hazards Disclosure?
  • What Is A Transfer Disclosure?
  • Bracing Water Heaters
  • Installing Smoke Alarms

3 Tips For A Quick Sale With less Disruption To Your Family

  • Dress Your House For Success.
  • Price Your Home Realistically
  • Get Your Home Inspected BEFORE You Offer It For Sale

I Want to Sell My Home Myself

  • We Will List Your Home On The NapaHomeSeller.com Website
  • I Have a A Buyer… Now What Do I Do?
  • A Real Estate Agent Has Brought Me An Offer… I Need Representation!
  • Consultation with a Real Estate Agent.

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