Why Should I Buy A House?

Could You Use Another $45,000 A Year?

If you rented an apartment for $1,000 a month, and your rent never went up, and your landlord never asked you to move, after 30 years you will have paid $360,000 in rent. However, If you invest $30,000 in any type of savings account, and IF you could get 5% interest every year, you would make $1500 a year in interest. If you invest the same $30,000 in purchasing a $300,000 home, and IF you only receive a 5% increase in value per year, your increase would be $15,000 a year.

The difference between these two is that when you deposit money you only get a return on the money you have put in.  When you put deposit money down on a home you get a return on the total value.  Even if the rate of increase drops to 15%, $30,000 invested in a $300,000 home would mean $45,000 a year!

Not only is your money working harder for you, the tax code provides great write-offs for homeowners.  And when you decide to sell, if you have lived in the property for 2 of the last 5 years, $250,000 ($500,000 if there are 2 owners) of  the profit may be tax free.  (Check with your tax professional)

  • Home ownership brings responsibilities and rewards.  Freedom from fear of when your rent will be raised or when you will be asked to move and often outweighs the initial struggle of purchasing your own home.

I Want To Buy A House… Where Do I Start?

  • How Do I Qualify For A Loan?
  • What Are My Costs?
  • Who’s Working For Me?

I  Don’t Understand Enough About…

  • What Is Escrow?
  • What Is Title Insurance?
  • What Is Due Diligence?

Explain The Process To Me…What Do I Do And When Do I Do It?

  • When Do I have to Give The Money?
  • When Do I Have To Sign A Contract?
  • Is There A 72 Hour Right Of Rescission?
  • When Do I Get The Keys?

What Are These Real Estate Terms I Keep Hearing?

What Is A Deed Of Trust?  I Thought I Had  A Mortgage

What Is A Trustee? Why Do I Need One?

What Is A Promissory Note?  Why Do I Need One?

Help Me Buy A House

  • Help Me find a house
  • Sign a Buyer/Broker Agreement
  • I found a house that is For Sale By Owner
  • Help me write an offer
  • I want to buy the house I’m renting
  • Why Do I Need One?
  • I found a house that is listed for sale with a real estate company
  • Help me write an offer
  • Sign a Buyer/Broker agreement
  • I need to buy out my partner
  • Help me write the Contract